Imo’s cake is BACK!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, the moment we’ve been waiting for…THE RETURN OF THE IMO’S CAKE! As most of us know, the cake was removed in the Fall after it was vandalized. After a near 3-month hiatus, it is back and ready to be photographed!

It is not, however, at its original location, which was at the corner of Shaw and Thurman (near MOBOT and Tower Grove). Its new home is inside the Hampton location in St. Louis. Located in the Dogtown part of the city, it is just off of Highway 40/I-64. The address is 1000 Hampton, St. Louis, MO, 63139. It has a classic sign out in front, so its near impossible to miss! Just make sure you’re in the right lane(s), since it is off a busy road.

Several cake-hunters were not able to get this cake (for obvious reasons) during the hiatus, some even hitting 250+ cakes without getting it. It is safe to say most of their adventures will be completed once they get this one. If you have not gotten this cake (especially now that it is in refurbished, great condition!), I say now is the time to snap the photo as soon as you can! I will keep you posted about the future of the cake.

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