Cherokee Cakewalk

Starting in March 2019, the legendary street that is known as Cherokee Antique Row started getting cakes put out. Some of them were originally at Old North St. Louis, and from other’s collections.

Here is a complete list:

Irish Corner Pub – The cartoon cake (formerly the Centennial Greenway cake)

Brent’s Antiques – Gaslight Theater cake

Antiques Shop on 2110 Cherokee – St. Louis City Hall cake

Kaldi Taco Shack – Lewis and Clark Boathouse cake

Midwest Pasta Company (2023 Cherokee) – Francis Field cake

Murphy’s Mutts and Cuts – the Co-exist cake (formerly the Off Broadway cake)

DeMay and Elder’s Antiques – Lyon Park cake

Remember When Antiques (1955 Cherokee) – the Missouri Native American cake (formerly the First Missouri State Capitol cake)

Kenrick-Glennon Seminary is placed in an open grassy field at the crossroads of Cherokee and Missouri Avenue.

In addition, a newly repainted cake by Mark Swain makes its public debut at St. Louis City Kitties! It is formerly the Loretto-Hilton cake.

Photo courtesy of Mark Swain

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