Cahokia Mounds cake to be refurbished, now off location

Multi-cake artist Mark Swain was thrilled with the opportunity to do the Cahokia Mounds cake in 2014, since he was able to pay homage to Native Americans on it. A member of the AhNiYunWiYa tribe, Swain wanted to make sure this one featured motifs and symbols, anything to reflect on Native American culture. The cake had stood outside the Cahokia Mounds Visitor Center near Fairmont City and Collinsville, Illinois, since March 2014, and Swain announced on Facebook that he was going to remove it by the end of April 2018. Since it was outdoors the whole time, the cake had shown plenty of signs of wear and fading. Swain hopes to refurbish the cake and display it in his front yard. He will keep cakers posted on his progress.

Cahokia Mounds cake at location, April 2018
Just a close-up of the cake, April 2018

In a post on Mark Swain’s Facebook page dated April 30, Swain said the “cake has returned to it’s birth place,. Safely nestled under the coral bark Japanese maple.In my back yard. I will be refurbishing it this summer”

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