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Hello, its me (webmaster Jason)!

As the title reads, I am currently in the process of revamping this website. It has always been the vision of re-living cake memories from 2014, and to help continue people’s enthusiasm. I have revised nearly every individual cake page, as there have been several tidbits of updated information to add. Among them are: the Museum of the Dog will be relocating to New York in 2018; some cake re-paintings; as well as the whereabouts of some cakes that have been moved out of their original location and have been moved around to public places. I have added a re-painted cakes section since there seems to be a trend now with giving some of the cakes a new look. We understand there is a lot of concern with painting over cakes. It has been praised and not-so-praised, depending on what. But we are glad ‘cake fever’ is still strong as we approach mid-2017.

I’m also trying to develop and craft my web skills by making this site more user-friendly. I hope to see a clean menu by the end of May. Right now, my goal is to make this all brand-new by June 2017. There are an estimated 70+ cakes still out at their original location. Since the beginning of 2015, cakes have been disappearing (and in some cases, re-appearing) slowly. Me and a few others have kept close track of most of the cakes as we have re-visited all the original places that hosted them.

I am also currently seeking interviews with people who were part of the Cakeway to the West exhibit. This includes the cake artists, the people behind stl250, the business owners, museum curators, etc. I hope to get as many quotes about how the cakes have played a great part in getting people together in the St. Louis area. St. Louis has always been a special home to most, and the cakes have made it better in a way. The book project is still underway, and we (as in the Cakelovers) have been aiming for 2020 for our goal to completion. If there is anyone who would like to offer their thoughts and memories to the book, I hope to hear from you.

Jason Voigt

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  1. The Arena cake is now on display at Circa STL restaurant in Des Peres. Go see all the other good St. Louis memorabilia there!

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