Making progress on the new cake

Lindsay Harmon (left) and Gina Harmon working on their special circles on the cake

If you’ve stopped by the Soulard Art Market (SAM) anytime within the last three weeks, you’ve probably seen the (supposed) final cake that is being painted by several artists! Rich Brooks had many cake-artists apply their talents once again so they can be a part of it. Brooks has called it the ‘reunion cake’. It is supposed to make its first public appearance (outside of SAM) at the First Night event in St. Louis.

by linda gurney
From left to right: Rich Brooks, Lindsay Harmon, Earl Miller, April Morrison and Theresa Hopkins. Photo courtesy of Linda Gurney
Earl Miller doing his special circle
From left, Rich Brooks, George Grove, Danielle Correll and Amanda Blalock (Brooks’ daughter). Photo from Rebecca Sinnwell

Also, cake enthusiasts will have their chance to be a part of the project. On Sunday, December 21, people can come down to SAM and help finish it! I’m not sure what’s in store, but it will be very special. The gold cake will also make an appearance. Needless to say, there will be plenty of great photo opportunities happening that day!

Gina Harmon (pointing to her circle) and Rich Brooks

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