Cake-related exhibition at Soulard Art Market!

Multi-cake artist Rich Brooks asked cake-hunters to take part in the exhibition ‘Where There’s Cake’ at the Soulard Art Market (SAM). It was first announced in early October and the deadline for submission(s) was November 22. Each person was able to submit up to three entries. The rules were the photos had to be 8×10, a cake had to be visible, and the cake-hosting location had to be the spotlight of the picture. Sculptures and paintings were also accepted. The exhibition was not just about the cakes, but for the 250th birthday of St. Louis, spotlighting its special places.

The opening reception was at SAM on December 12 as a large crowd gathered and checked out the photos on display. Awards were handed out to some of the photographers. It was a great social gathering for all cake enthusiasts. While there, people were able to purchase many products and other artwork at SAM.


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