New Soulard Oktoberfest cake coming soon!

real levitra usual dosage On September 1, 2016, multi-cake artist Rich Brooks asked the Facebook world if they knew any cake owners that wanted their cake(s) repainted. A caker responded and the cake that sat at Vintage Vinyl for the longest time became that one. The Vintage Vinyl cake, which had suffered so much wear and tear due to various reasons (high pedestrian traffic, weather, outdoors, etc.), seemed to be the right choice. Nothing against the original design, but it had faded over time. Plus there was some minor graffiti on top of the cake.

acquistare levitra generico Brooks, a long-time Soulard resident, wanted to paint a cake to help celebrate the legendary neighborhood’s annual Oktoberfest, which is cancelled this year (numerous reasons). Despite that setback, Rich still wanted to celebrate the festival in its spirit. First, he drew some graphics onto the cake, most that had St. Louis and Soulard themes. The pictures had to be colored in; that’s where the helpers and Rich came in. He invited all cakers to take part in repainting the cake at Soulard Art Market. There were some longtime cakers that participated!

go site Here’s a look at what will be displayed to the public soon:

The top of the cake has the signatures of the people who assisted Brooks in re-painting this cake
This is the front where the stl250 reads
This is the front where the stl250 reads

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click For the record, Rich still keeps a close eye on his cakes that still sit around Soulard (Kiener Plaza, Soulard Restoration Group and Citygarden). He even washes them once a month!

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2 thoughts on “New Soulard Oktoberfest cake coming soon!”

  1. I’m thrilled to have found this article! I currently possess a cake. I was one of the fortunate few to win a cake in the silent auction. It has been a conversation piece with friends and family. You don’t realize how big these cakes are until you’re finding a way to bring one inside your home. I’d like very much to reunite my cake with the artist that created it. My cake doesn’t get washed once a month, but it does get dusted.

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