A change in plans (displaying the cakes)

The Cakelovers originally wanted to exhibit the cakes at Union Station next year, starting in February 2016. We had agreed to do it along with the management of the mall, but plans fell through unexpectedly. Starting sometime next year, there will be work done on the inside of Union Station. Nothing has been revealed just yet. It may be repairs, the start of something new coming to the mall, remodeling…who knows. (There have been rumors of some indoor theme park like Legoland coming there, but let’s not get our hopes up just yet…) Union Station wanted to take part in displaying the cakes in our collection, as well as their own cake (which is in their storage). We respect their decision, and we hope everything works out well for the place.

So that leaves us with some options on places where to display them. We would like to have them indoors as possible, since we feel the pieces of art have been outside way too long (!). It has always been our dream to have them all together, side by side for the public to look at and enjoy. It is impossible to have all 250+ cakes together again, since a lot of them have been purchased and placed on private property. In other words, we are looking into some ideas on how to display the cakes.

In the meantime, we are continuing to display them in front of local businesses in St. Louis neighborhoods. Be on the lookout!

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