And then the book project…

The book project was conceived by Francine and some cakers more than a year and a half ago. It was a vision to have a history told through photos and others combined into one book. Yes, there is already a book that exists out there about the cakes. 250 Years – 252 Cakes: The Definitive St. Louis 250th Cake Book was put out by Matthew Nolan earlier in 2015. It mostly consists of photography (by him) and a short paragraph about all of the locations that hosted the cakes. We think his book was great. However, it did not include the last two cakes as well as the ‘Reunion’ one and we (the Cakelovers) hope to document them in our book.

In short, we want it to be a full comprehensive look at the cakes and events surrounding stl250 in 2014. Pretty much a story about the cake, the inspiration behind it, the location, sponsor (when applicable) and possibly some information about the artists for each cake. There are so many people to be involved in the project – not just the people behind the book, but the cake hunters/lovers, the cake artists, business owners (that hosted the cakes), museum curators, stl250 representatives and several more. We want to include as many people as possible in the coming project. I, yours truly, have already started interviewing cake artists and will be interviewing many more people in the coming days.

There is no timetable of when we want the book finished and accomplished. We have put together a great crew that is willing to devote their time for the book. If anyone is interested, please contact us (or email me at There is a lot of work to be done, starting with raising the necessary funds for the book. We hope to have some fundraisers in the future, including a trivia night. A lot is in store!

Jason Voigt

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