Documentary almost wrapping up….

Let me bring you up to speed….the Cakelovers (Francine and Jason, along with some Webster University Communications students) have been putting together a documentary based on the stl250 cakes. It was originally an idea of Francines at the beginning of 2015. She got a crew on board and the project was up and running. The first interview session was at Corvid’s Cafe in May. (Corvid’s later closed in July.) Among the first people interviewed were cake artists Mark Swain, Genevieve Esson and Lindsay Harmon. Throughout the Summer of 2015, several b-roll footage (technical term for brief video shots of scenery) was taken of the cakes and their places. Some more interviews were conducted with ‘cakers’, cake artists, business owners and people who represented stl250.

There is no final date for the project, but the last interviews will be tomorrow afternoon inside Union Station. At least a dozen cake artists and some ‘cakers’ that wanted to take part were interviewed. We wanted to include several individuals but because of the running time (20-25 minutes), we had to minimize things. The original idea is to make into an online viral video off social-media sites (mainly Youtube). The crew has been working hard and they have devoted much of their time and effort behind this project. They are all students from Webster University, where Francine works.


We hope to keep everyone posted at how the project is going in the coming weeks. As for the next month (after tomorrow), there will be editing, and lots of it! Stay tuned



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