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If you’ve driven in or through Maplewood, you’ve definitely seen some cakes lying around! That is, in front of Sutton Park and some local businesses. Many have asked about what it’s all about….first a little story. The annual ‘Let Them Eat Art’ parade and get-together in Maplewood took place on July 10. That was when several artists and dealers sold their work along the streets. Some businesses sold food and such, and most of the action took place in Sutton Park (on Sutton Road). There was also a brief parade of cakes, all of them were those that were placed around the St. Louis area. Some of the cake artists were present at the event, doing live art.

As of now, the cakes are on display in Maplewood until sometime in the end of August (no exact date known). So please take advantage of checking out these awesome cakes again (just like last year!)!  Just a quick note: rules still apply; don’t climb or sit on the cake. Respect and love the art!

And now, for what is what, and what is where……

Placed in front of Sutton Park  (l to r)-

Lewis and Clark Boat House and Nature Center   (painted by Ashli England)

Famous Footwear/Brown Shoe Company  (painted by Jennifer Hayes) This cake was lent to us from someone who won the cake in a raffle.

Kenrick-Glennon Seminary  (painted by Bruce Howard)

Bonhomme Old Stone Church (painted by Alissa Shoults) This was lent to us from the artist herself. Many thanks!

Francis Field  (painted by April Morrison)  This was given to the Cakelovers!

Citygarden (painted by Rich Brooks)



Maplewood Galleries  (7415 Manchester Road):

Six Flags St. Louis  (painted by Don Strohmeyer) Also given to the Cakelovers!

Foundation Grounds (7298 Manchester Road):

Off Broadway (painted by Kris Mosby) purchased by the Cakelovers from auction

Kakao Chocolates  (7272 Manchester Road)

Warren County Courthouse (painted by Patti Spellman)

Larder & Cupboard   (7310 Manchester Road)

Powell Hall (painted by Earl Miller)  This cake was purchased by them

Stone Spiral Coffee Shop  (2500 Sutton Blvd)

Ameristar Casino (painted by Amanda Blalock)

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