New cake re-painting spotted….

On the Fourth of July, this author spotted a friend’s posting on Facebook about a cake that didn’t look so familiar! My Facebook friend, Ashlyn,¬†helped out with a water skiing event in the unincorporated lake community of Holiday Shores, Illinois. Every year, its ski club does a special skiing and fireworks event at the lake on Fourth of July weekend. When I first saw her post, I immediately asked Ashlyn about the cake. All she said was it was donated to the Holiday Shores Ski Club and it was painted by little kids. The next day, I set out to find the cake. That was, assuming it was still out there. I didn’t see it. I had re-posted her picture and explained her story to the Cakelovers group on Facebook, with several people curious as to what cake it originally was.

Turns out another caker, Kurt Bradshaw (who works in Edwardsville), found it first after he visited the private Holiday Shores Clubhouse. While the place is highly secured, a guard let him in to take pictures of the cake. Kurt was able to find out that it was originally the Madison County Courthouse cake that was in Edwardsville up until February of this year. I had found out that it was donated somewhere, but I didn’t know exactly…details-wise. Apparently an employee at the courthouse who lives in Holiday Shores was given the cake and donated it to the Ski Club. The cake was later re-painted fully by the club.

I can’t really say much about the inspiration of the design, but its best I go by the observations. Starting with the stl250 logo. You’ll notice right away that the ‘stl2’ part has been blocked by flip-flops. Flip-flops are known to be the best footwear when walking the beaches of Holiday Shores. It is believed that the ‘5’ and ‘0’ were only made visible to celebrate the Holiday Shores Ski Club’s 50th anniversary. Most of the cake (all sides) feature a beach-like scene, and the top tier consists of fireworks (possibly 4th of July theme)

Here are pictures that I took on July 12:

HS Front
Front of the cake
HS back
Back of the cake
HS Side
The left side of the cake (at the time I wasn’t able to get much of the right side)
HS Top
Top of the cake

If any caker is interested in seeing the cake and taking photos of it, just go to the Holiday Shores Clubhouse (email for directions) during certain hours of the day and simply ask a guard to let you in. Always tell them you are there to see the cake!

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