Short interview with multi-cake artist Mark Swain

This is the second of two interviews I did with cake artists back in December (’14). Again, we are in the process of reaching out to all the artists that were involved in the stl250 cakes project. The following is one I did with Mark Swain:

Jason Voigt: How long have you been involved with art?

Mark Swain: I’ve been in art all my life.

JV: Where did you grow up in St. Louis?

MS: I grew up next door to the old Globe drug store, on South Broadway by Soulard.

JV: What made you decide to be an artist?

MS: I started doing it as a little kid. It was just there.

JV: How did you become involved with stl250/cake project?

MS: I responded a call from ‘Call for Art’. Whenever an organization wants people involved, they post it on there. It’s usually done from critical mass.

JV: What do you like to do besides art?

MS: I love gardening, and I’m also a musician.


I’d like to add that Mr. Swain has paid tributes to his heritage on some of his cakes. He is a member and descendent of the Ahniyuwiya tribe. Their land is in Grassy, MO, down by Marble Hill.

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