Short interview with multi-cake artist Rich Brooks

Back in December (’14), I did two short interviews with cake artists Rich Brooks and Mark Swain as something to add to the website. We are in the process of doing interviews (on and off-camera) with several cake artists for the upcoming book and documentary. The following is one with Mr. Brooks:

Jason Voigt: How long have you been involved with art:

Rich Brooks: Since I was four, so about 61 years ago (laughs)! Someone handed me three crayons, and I complained I didn’t have enough colors when being told to draw a mountain.

JV: Did you grow up in St. Louis?

RB: No, I’m from Keokuk, Iowa. Lived there until I was 19. I still call it my hometown, though STL is. I moved to STL at 21, becoming a teacher for the Francis-Howell school district.

JV: How did you get involved with the stl250/cake project?

RB: (stl250) called me and Andy Cross (multi-cake artist), and they asked me to do prototypes. Then I hit up all of my artist friends on Facebook and encouraged them to join in.

JV: What do you do like to besides art?

RB: I love to eat! And read, too. I like Facebook. I love Soulard Arts Market; it’ll be 14 months since I’ve had a room. I’ve sold art everywhere.

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