Greenville Library cake to be redone

Caker John Gerdes posted this in the Cakelovers Facebook group:


“I spoke with a member of the local Chamber of Commerce, and.she confirmed what I suspected: the repainted cake will be debuting during their big Bicentennial celebration Labor Day weekend, September 5-6. It will displayed in front of their City Hall. She told me she’ will be out until the end of the calendar year. They’re having a.”farewell” to the landmark year celebration on New Year’s Eve.

Fun fact: the cake is being repainted by the junior/senior art class from Greenville High School. They won The right to do it after submitting their ideas for the cake to the CoC.”

131 greenville - Copy

The cake was placed in Greenville one year ago this month (June) and was removed in mid-January 2015.

Many thanks go to Mr. Gerdes for his communication!

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