Corvid’s event 5/30/2015

Saturday, May 30, 2015 was a special night for both cakers and cake artists! It was pretty much a get-together for all cake enthusiasts at Corvid’s Cafe, which is a part restaurant-part art gallery. In the back room was several pieces of art displayed by cake artists: Mark Swain, Genevieve Esson, Theresa Hopkins, April Morrison, Dan Jaboor and some others. Besides the social part, some interviews were taking place that night for the cake artists that chose to participate in the documentary about the cakes (more on that in a later post!). It was all good times as some cakers reunited after a long time. It was also a chance for cake artists to interact with one another and share their art.

The following photos were taken inside Corvid’s Cafe in the back dining area (where open mic performances are held and there are art galleries):

Mark Swain being interviewed on camera (photo from Francine Case)
Genevieve Esson poses in front of her artwork (photo from Francine Case)
Caker Chris Davidson chats with cake artist Genevieve Esson (photo from Francine Case)
Dubbed ‘the crazy cakers!’ (l to r): Yvonne Seuss, Liz Lawler, Bobbie Petot, Andrea Snowden and Donna Chandler¬†(photo from Francine Case)
April Morrison poses in front of her artwork (photo from Francine Case)
Henryk Ptasiewicz talking to the camera
Bruce Howard browsing the products table
Theresa Hopkins poses in front of her artwork

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