Introducing the new Saturday Morning Cartoon cake!

Recently, multi-cake artist Mark Swain re-painted his Centennial Greenway/KATY Trail cake and turned it into a pop-culture theme. Unveiled on Friday, April 17, the new Saturday Morning Cartoon cake features several cartoon characters that represented the ‘golden age of television’ during the 1960s, with some of the characters still popular today. Characters include those from both Disney and Warner Brothers, as well as a few obscurities. Swain did this for many weeks inside his art gazebo.

In addition to the graffiti marks on top of the KATY Trail cake (it was subject to vandalism during the summer of 2014), Swain said he wasn’t satisfied with how he painted it originally. He said that at the time, there wasn’t that much freedom to how to paint most of the cakes. Today, now that the cake is part of the Cakelovers ‘cake walk’ cakes, Swain was glad to paint it and revisit his childhood memories.

The Saturday Morning Cartoon cake will be on display at R Space Gallery, which is located on 1704 South Broadway. Swain personally invites all the cakers and art enthusiasts to stop by and sign the cake. He had arranged some special space in honor of cake-hunters. It will be displayed there until July, and it will be moved elsewhere (TBA). Check the gallery’s website for details (opening hours and such).


Mark Swain poses next to his newest masterpiece!
Mark Swain poses next to his newest masterpiece!

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