Who ya gonna call?!

Over a month ago, caker Jon Sanfilippo retrieved the damaged Centene Corporation cake from a dumpster, after it was (illegally?) placed on Craigslist. (He is currently in the process of restoring the also-damaged Grand Avenue Water Tower cake) With the right tools, he re-did the battered cake (no pun intended!). Jon decided the new theme to be about the Ghostbusters, based on the film and cartoon series. Ghostbusters is one of Jon’s favorite movies and franchises, and it is also what he and his friends like to dress up as. Dubbing themselves the Gateway City Ghostbusters, they are a local charity group that is dedicated to putting smiles on faces, among many other things! Think of the movie versions of Ghostbusters. (Here’s the link to their Facebook page)

Jon invited all cakers to come out to see the newly re-done cake at the Machinist Hall in Bridgeton (located off of St. Charles Rock Road next to Target). More than a hundred cakers came to see the cake, according to Jon, on March 8, 2015. It was a fun day, as well as one with nice weather (as opposed to the cold and snowy weather the St. Louis area had been getting). Besides the Ghostbusters theme, Jon decided to leave the part that Rich Brooks painted around the stl250 part in the front. Brooks had given him the ok to do so. This consisted of the colors of the American flag. There was also a nod to the St. Louis Walk of Fame cake, with a star dedicated to the late Harold Ramis (played Egon in the original movies; passed away in early 2014). All of the cakers were pleased with the newly-finished product!

The cake was on display all day until late afternoon. Plans for another showing are underway (possibly sometime in April and/or May), as well as a future showing of the old Grand Avenue Water Tower cake.

This will be under the ‘Unofficial’ list.

About to be unveiled!
About to be unveiled! Photo from Jon Sanfilippo

Here are the photos of all sides of the new cake:

Slimer ‘the sometimes-friendly ghost’ takes the place of the damaged flame!
Left side
Back side
Right side (Kathy Bryant in the background)

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  1. Thanks Jason for posting!
    Congrats to Jon for what looks like a great job!
    Can’t wait to see it at the next event.
    I love the Ghostbusters movies too!

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