Updates on cakes, good and bad….

see First, the bad…..it appears, according to a cake-hunter (who owns 2 cakes) that a friend of theirs saw the cake at the Grand Avenue Water Tower has been destroyed. It is believed that it was hit by a snow plowing machine, as St. Louis has experienced wintery weather within the past week. This has been the first real snowfall this Winter for the St. Louis area. The cake had been in a vulnerable location, as it was very close to the road, although it was placed close to the center of a turnabout.

Photo from Joe M. Garavaglia
Photo from Joe M. Garavaglia
May it rest in pieces? Photo from Jon Sanfilippo
May it rest in pieces? Photo from Jon Sanfilippo

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=acquista-viagra-generico-online Meanwhile, some places are fostering cakes. One being The Novel Neighbor bookstore, which will be fostering the Powell Symphony Hall cake. The popular bookstore is located on 7905 Big Bend Boulevard in St. Louis.


watch Stay tuned for more news….

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