Update on some cakes….

I, Jason, the webmaster have been trying to keep the ‘2015 Cake Status’ list up-to-date, and I’ve done it with plenty of help from others. Whether they be insiders or people who have done their part by asking around, or keeping tabs with the location. We already know those who either a) didn’t want their cake to stay or b) wanted to donate the cake back for unknown reason(s) did their part in auctioning theirs off in December, which helped raise money for stl250’s next project. Some locations have auctioned theirs on their own, some donated to the upcoming cakewalk and some have let theirs stay, in or out of the public view.

But on the negative side, three cakes have the unfortunate distinction of many classifications. Best words to describe them are either ‘recycled, trashed, non-existent or stolen’. The West Alton cake turned up missing last month (Jan.). Many cakers have mixed thoughts about the whereabouts, but most agree, it was likely a resident that claimed the cake and took it without asking. The Holocaust Museum and Learning Center reportedly did not know what to do with their cake, so they took it to an unknown recycling center. Francine, the lady behind the CakeLovers, got word from Centene (Corporation) that they were discarding their cake. Someone who works there informed here they believed the top part of the cake was heavily damaged, so they decided to get rid of it on their own. True, the picture stickers were mostly peeled off in the end, but I’m not sure what was considered ‘damaged’.

So, to all of you cakers out there……if you don’t know if a certain location wants their cake, please feel free to ask someone who’s in charge! These fine pieces of art are too good to waste. We want to do our best in preserving the cakes as possible.

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