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Thanks for stopping by. We hope you take the time to browse. This is basically about preserving all the memories of “Cakeway to the West”, which took place around the St. Louis area in 2014. It’s been six years since the first cake was put out. There were 256 cakes that were seen all over the St. Louis area, and more than 3/5ths of them are now gone. Most of them are either in storage and on private property. On the flip side, there are an estimated 60-70 original selected locations that still proudly display their cakes.


Be sure to check the ‘2020 Cake Status’ page (on top) to see where your favorite cake(s) are now!

–Update: June 2020–

The Cakes on Cherokee:

In order of cake’s name with artist on display

Ameristar Casino/Highway70- Amanda Leigh Blalock
#2200 Corner Lot

CoExist Cake- by Mark Swain (Off Broadway by Kris Mosby- repainted)
#2307 Murphy’s Mutts and Cuts

Feasting Fox- by Mark Swain
#2124 Cherokee Elders Antiques

Francis Field- by April Morrison
#2020 DeMay Furs and Antiques (Postcards of all STL250+4 cakes available to purchase)

Gas Light Theatre-by Alison Rieke
#1954 Brent’s Antiques

Kenrick Glennon Seminary- by Bruce Howard
#2200 Corner Lot

Lewis & Clark Boat House and Nature Center- by Ashli England
#2301 Kalbi Taco Shack

Lyon Park/United States Arsenal -by Rich Brooks
#2023 Midwest Pasta

Missouri Native American Heritage -by Mark Swain (First Missouri State Capitol by Lindsay Harmon)
#1955 Remember When

Saturday Morning Cartoons by Mark Swain (Centennial Greenway Gateway/Katy Trail-by Mark Swain)
#1900 Irish Corner Pub

Soldiers Memorial-by Victoria Szulc
#2214 Retro 101

St. Louis City Hall -by Ashley Wenzel
#2110 Lady Janes

St. Louis City Kitty Cats- by Mark Swain (Loretto Hilton by Mark Swain-replainted by Mark Swain)
#2125 St. Louis City Kitties

UMSL- Painted by the Art students of University of Missouri St.Louis
#1821 Lemp Stable

Warren County Courthouse by Patty Spellman
#2111 Verdigris

Still out:

Annie Malone, August 2019
Cake with a view